Welcome to Jus-Lin Farms!

What a trip the past has been. Though sometimes difficult, the outcome was well worth the adversity.

Jus-Lin Farms is a family owned farm, dedicated to supplying a product that is wholesome, healthy, and as fresh as possible. A high-quality product without all the junk we believe has been introduced into our food chain.

We give our customers the satisfaction of knowing who, where and how their food is grown. The added knowledge that that their monies are being used to support a local business. This in turn supports the local community.

We have spent the first year plotting out our vegetable production plan and we went forward with our CSA. You can also visit our roadside stand for the best fresh produce.

In addition to vegetable planning, we raise free range chickens for eggs and broiler chickens.

To all our friends old and new thank you for all your help and support.

To all our old friends, new friends, and friends that we haven't met yet give us a call we would be happy to show you around the new place.

- Fred N. Dykeman, Proprietor

Jus-Lin Farms, 1461 State Hwy 163, Canajoharie, NY 13317 (518) 280-8904
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